Special Session “Innovation of Photonics Polymer -Material Changes the System-“

Date  :
Oct.17th (Wed) 10:20 〜 11:40
Venue  :
Convention Hall of Hotel Beniya
English and Japanese (Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided)


Katsuhiko Shirai Board Member of NTT Corporation, (Former President of Waseda University)

Toshiyuki Umehara Board Member, Senior Executive Vice President & CTO & CIO, Nitto Denko Corporation

Yukari Kaneko Mayor, Suwa City

William Leggett Google

Blade Olson Google

Seizo Miyata Program Officer, Japan Science and Technology Agency

Yasuhiro Koike (Professor, Keio University)

We will discuss how materials can contribute to systems with the theme “Innovation of Photonics Polymer 〜Material Changes the System〜” with distinguished panelists from industry, government and academia. We have invited special guests from Silicon Valley. We will hear Google’s recent activities and future vision as the world leading company. We will have a free discussion with panelists as well as audience.