Scope of IWPPI

We welcome you to the International Workshop on Photonics Polymer for Innovation (IWPPI) which is taking place in Nasu Highland, Japan during October 11 -14, 2016. This Workshop is organized and sponsored by “Research and Development of Advanced Information Technology based on Photonics Polymers”, Program for Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development (S-Innovation Program) of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). “Photonics Polymers Create New Systems” as the theme of the IWPPI. We will have technical sessions consisting of the latest research papers on a variety of topics on photonic polymers; such as ultra-high-speed optical communication, optical storage, display, and more, which will lead to a big industrialization and a big innovation. We also expect to discover new R&D topics and possibilities of collaborations with the industry, academia and the government sharing cutting edge information through Plenary/Invited talks from all over the world, a Poster Session and a Special Session.

In Special Session, we will hear from prominent guests invited from the industry/government/academia and have discussion on the challenges and new directions for further development of photonic polymer materials, devices and systems. In parallel with the technical sessions, research results of the S-Innovation Program and the latest technologies and products from industrial partners will be exhibited.

We very much look forward to your participation.

Co-Chair Toyohiko Yatagai
Co- Chair Yasuhiro Koike