Instruction for Exhibitors

All exhibitors are required to register for participation in IWPPI. Please pick up a Conference bag at REGISTRATION DESK on the first day of your attendance.

Session Room

Orangerie (2F)

Poster Boards

The Organizer will supply a poster board, a table and name plate of the following size. And, the Organizer also will supply power line.

  • Size of table: Width 60cm x Length 180cm x Height 70cm
  • Size of poster board: Width 160cm x Height 180cm
  • Recommended posting area: Width 118.8cm x Height 84.1cm (A1 size x 2)
  • Name plate of exhibitors: Width 21cm x Height 10cm
  • Power line: 100V AC, max. 200W

Exhibitors should be displayed on the boards using adhesive material (cellophane tape) distributed in the exhibition area. No pushpins are permitted on the boards.

Exhibition Items Set-up, Exhibition Schedule

  • Exhibition Items Set-up: Monday, Oct. 10, 12:00-18:00, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 9:00-17:00
  • Exhibition: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 17:00 to Thursday, Oct. 13, 15:00
  • Core Time of Exhibition:
    Tuesday, Oct. 11, 17:00 to 18:30
    Wednesday, Oct. 12, 11:30-13:30
    Thursday, Oct. 13, 11:30-15:00
  • Exhibition Item Removal: Thursday, Oct. 13, 15:00-17:00, Friday, Oct. 14, 9:00-12:00

Please note that no audio visual equipment (ex. monitor, PC) will be supplied for exhibition.

Please make sure that you assign the explainer at exhibition booth in “Core Time of Exhibition”.

You are also responsible for setting up and removing your exhibition items. The Secretariat will NOT be responsible for the loss of the exhibition items after removal time. The remaining posters will be disposed by the secretariat.